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Monitoring and management system
Author:Lygsvt  Update time:2016-03-25
  Tank farm monitoring and management system is set computer control technology, network technology and communication technology in one, specifically for petrochemical storage and transportation enterprises of the DCS control system, realize the storage tank area, process piping, transmission and the monitoring and management of the pumping station and various measuring device.
major function
  Monitoring function: combustible gas concentration, liquid level, temperature, pressure, flow rate, pump and valve state.
  Data processing: medium density measurement, tank volume conversion, pressure and temperature compensation calculation, graphics rendering.
  Control functions: Pump on / off, the valve on / off, PID regulation, alarm linkage control.
  Alarm function: level, temperature, pressure level limit alarm; combustible gas overrun alarm; equipment abnormal state alarm; equipment abnormal action alarm; record alarm time and information.
  Operation and management functions: three operating rights management, an important operation of multiple tips, complete operation of the log, the establishment of alarm records, to provide an accident analysis.
  Report generation and print function: the production of statistical reports, real-time data reports, log reports, alarm records, etc..
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