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Break-away Valve
Author:Lygsvt  Update time:2016-03-25
Basic characteristics
1 enables the device to be automatically and quickly separated from the;
2 out of the two parts can be effectively sealed;
3 tensile force stability, easy maintenance, can be used repeatedly.
Structure principle
Emergency escape abruption valve is divided into two main structure are basically the same for hose and hard tube type, pull off the main body of the valve are one-way valve is closed by adopting the spring force, tensile force from the mechanical part of itself without electricity, liquid, and other external power; the difference is that breaking mechanism.
1 main body structure
From the emergency pull off valve body is composed of two one-way valve.
2 breaking mechanism
Breaking mechanism not only to ensure that the "emergency release" when the device can automatically and quickly from; but also to ensure that from in front of the "buffer period", avoid routine operation "detachment", affecting normal loading and unloading operations.

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