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Marine Loading Arm
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AM64-Double Pipe Marine Loading Arm with Separate Support St
Author:Lygsvt  Update time:2016-03-31
Structure features:
Based on the model AM 63, the model AM 64 marine loading arm has a vapor recovery arm. The inboard arm and outboard arm share a counter weight system which separated from the pipeline. The separated support structure bears the weight of marine loading arm, load and moment. The swivel joints and pipeline are only subjected to stress by internal pressure and weight. Therefore, the swivel joints can have a long service life. This model marine loading arm has a compact structure, applies to loading and unloading of liquefied gas.
Technical parameters:
Nominal Diameter: DN200 (8 ")--DN600 (24 ")
Nominal Pressure: -0.08 MPa--2.5 MPa
Pipeline Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Lining PTFE pipe, etc

Applicable condition:
The total length of this marine loading arm can reach 30 M
Vessel Tonnage: 50000 tons
Operating Mode: Manually or Electro-hydraulically operated

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