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Top Loading Arm
Author:Lygsvt  Update time:2016-03-25
Land Loading Arm
Designed for transferning fluid between piping system and tanker.
Suitable for diffenent tanker.
By level location or quantitative monitoring, while exceeding the preset value, emitting the aural and visual alerting or providing the far-tnster signal.
According to the products, models of the arms and requirements of customers, the operating modes can be manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.
Nominal diameter: DN40~DN200(1.5”~8”)
Design Pressure: -0.06MPa~5.0MPa
Design Temperature: -196℃~250℃
Pipeline Material: Carbon Steel、Stainless Steel、Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy、PTFE-lined……
Introduction of Arms codes
90° cut outlet
45° cut outlet
Flange with 90° elbow
Double flanges
Coniform hood-90° cut outlet
Coniform hood-deflector
Hood-telesscopic pipe

Land Loading Arm
Components of Arm
Base Riser
Inboard Arm Lock
Inboard Arm
The Middle Of Connection
Balance System
Outboard Arm
Outboard Arm Lock
Swivel Joint
Drop pipe
Typical styles
Loading Arm
AL1402 is a typical of loading arms.
It can be easily operated, installed and maintained.
Places Applied: Top Open Loading
Applications: Product oil, chemicals
Nominal diameter: DN40~DN200
Pipelines’ Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum and Al-ally, PTFE Lined etc……
Design Temperature: According to the product, conditions applied, materials used etc.
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