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Bottom Loading Arm
The liquid ammonia loading arm
Author:Lygsvt  Update time:2016-03-25
The main parameters of the liquid ammonia pipe crane
Suitable medium: all kinds of liquid and gaseous products
Nominal diameter: DN25 - DN150
Design temperature: -196 degrees C to 250 degrees C
Design pressure: -0.08 Mpa - 6 Mpa
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel pipe, pipe
A, product name: ammonia pipe crane
Two, specifications: DN50/DN25 AL2543
Three, design parameters:
1, working pressure: 0.4MPa design pressure: 1.6MPa; design pressure: 2.5MPa
2, working temperature: -18.4 degrees Celsius to +33.1 C design temperature: -40 degrees to +100
3, the transmission medium: liquid ammonia
4, take over the flange standard: HG20594-97 liquid phase: DN50 PN2.5; gas phase: DN50 PN2.5
5, pick up the car form: quick connector
Four, product info:
Pipe flanges and fittings: 304; ball: 304; quick connector: 304
Support system: Q235-A; other: Q235-A;
Rotary joint: outer ring 30CrMo or 45 steel forgings, grade II, 304 inner ring, flange 304,
The main sealing ring: PTFE+ carbon fiber and graphite, steel card 316L.

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