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Requirements to use internal floating disc for storage tank
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  Inner floating disc oil waist must be arranged in the upper circumferential direction of the tank wall and the upper circumferential direction of the tank wall is provided with a plurality of tank wall through holes. API650 annex H, the maximum between 32 feet, but a lot of 4, the total open area should be equal to or greater than the diameter of 0.2 feet per foot tank. This provision is very heavy, such as the opening of the area is not enough time, when the oil into the floating plate due to the compression of the upper air so that the sink.
  Set up a hole in the center of empowerment should be initiations or the highest position, should ensure that the rain shall vent into the tank. All ventilation holes should be provided with a metal screen to prevent birds from entering.
  Between the inner floating disc and the fixed roof must not static wire. Turn the static wire cross-sectional area of not less than 25 mm color square soft copper wire complex. Electrical conductivity between the wire and the iron must be good.
  In the design with considering people climbed to the floating disc on the channel, in the fixed top should be set into the hole, so that the tank ventilation and after emptying into the. From the top down fixed manhole shall be installed within the ladder is reached inside on a path of racial prisoners. Inner floating disc bearing position above the tank wall should be opened into the hole, so that the inner floating roof in support of state personnel into the inner floating disc. The nozzle should pay attention not to damage the sealing device.
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