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Difference between the inner floating roof and the outer flo
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  What is the difference between the inner floating roof and the outer floating roof? To solve this problem, we should understand the concept of the two. The so-called inner floating roof, floating on the oil tank level with the oil up and down the floating roof, which is currently recognized as the most ideal reduction of oil evaporation loss of the most economical and simple method. The external floating roof of the storage tank is usually used for storing a cylindrical steel storage tank with an open port of the oil, gasoline or kerosene, etc., and the edge sealing system is used to reduce the edge evaporation.
  1.The  inner floating roof can not see the floating top part from the exterior, and the external floating roof is just the opposite.
  2. Internal floating roof tank is a sealed flat on the basis of a tank is fixed in the tank, the general work, flat topped with the inside of the tank liquid is contacted, the floating roof is refers to the top of the tank with liquid level and move up and down, not with the tank wall welding. Fixed top oil: more volatile but can resist wind and snow sand etc.. Petroleum products not only caused the loss of product quantity, but also affected the quality of the product, and polluted the environment. And space flammable medium and air mixture ratio reached a certain limit prone to explosion. So it is necessary to add the outer floating roof of the cylindrical steel storage tanks.
  3. Inner floating roof tank is the combination of arch and the floating roof, external to dome, internal floating roof for, internal floating roof can reduce fuel consumption and external floating roof can avoid rainwater, dust and other foreign matter into the tank. This tank is mainly used for aviation kerosene and light oil storage.
  4 inner floating roof tank is in line of the axial internal installation of a shaft, to the section size of placing a special lightweight materials produced by the top cover, which can be varied with the object of internal increase or decrease and move up and down, to limit.
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