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What is the role of the quantitative loading system
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  A lot of people are not very understanding of the quantitative loading control system. So, what is the quantitative loading system?Lianyungang Seiwert fluid equipment Co., Ltd. attention quantitative loading, follow closely the fluid outside the new trends in storage and transportation, new technology, will continue to strengthen the development of new products, new technology application, for the storage and transportation of fluid has a wealth of experience and mature technology. Next, detailed introduction to the relevant circumstances of the quantitative loading system:
  Ration loading control system is composed of a field control and remote management part, the field control part of the use of AWZ quantitative loading controller of collection and control of field instruments, remote management using industrial computer for centralized management, two parts through RS485 or RJ45 communication converter connection, constitute AWZC distributed quantitative loading control system. Operator can set parameters setting, operation and monitoring in the field, and can be concentrated in the central control room of the reservoir area to carry out the remote monitoring and management, and realize the integration of management and control.
  Quantitative loading system with reasonable structure, complete functions, billing, sales, delivery, loading to a database, accounting, financial statements, each link can have the functions of the corresponding support; system error automatic alarm, automatic operation record can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, and can prevent the exercise of people cheat, operation and management more perfect. Welcome customers and friends to come to the company to inspect and guide, to discuss cooperation. We to provide high quality products to customers as the basis, to provide complete solutions to customers as a guide, to meet the site environmental conditions and easy to use as the goal, your attention and approval is our greatest pursuit!
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