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How to replace the sealing ring for the crane tube
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  Crane tube mainly by the fixed, rotary, operation, balance and other agencies and the composition of the tubing. The sealing ring is arranged in the rotating mechanism (rotary joint). The seal ring of the crane tube is good or bad, the decision to compensate for the greater tolerance and angle deviation, which determines the wear condition, to maintain the normal working condition of the sealing ring for the crane tube has a central effect. When problems arise, they should be replaced in a timely manner. So how to replace it? Crane tube manufacturers to sort out the following replacement process, to share with you.
  1 loosen the connecting screw and remove the old sealing ring;
  2 clean the sealing ring with gasoline to contact the rotating parts of the parts and then coated with a layer of grease into the Xinmi seal;
  3 slowly rotating the outer ring of the crane tube, using a magnet to remove all the balls in the two rollers;
  4 exit out of the outer ring along the axis between the inner and outer rings;
  5 remove the original dust ring or ring raceway, the new oil loading crane tube.
  Crane tube manufacturers to remind everyone that: after the new seal for the crane tube, must be re injected into the rotary joint lubricating grease, to avoid late wear. Above is to replace the crane tube sealing ring method steps, hoping to help to everyone. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us for detailed consultation, Lianyungang Seiwert fluid equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in crane tube, floating disc, quantitative loading system, oil arm, shell and other various types of fluid equipment design, manufacturing, sales and engineering installation and construction of enterprise, production experience, advanced technology, trustworthy. Tel: 0518-81183331/ Fax: 81183332.
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