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Which matters should be attention to cut train crane manuall
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  Train crane is mainly used for train open truck. The characteristics: the arm pipe adopt seamless steel pipe, tube inserted by Aluminum Alloy tube, has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient operation, labor saving. But the train crane in the process, need to be cut, crane manufacturers told us, in addition to oxygen cutting, another common cutting method is manual cutting. The following is the important notice summary of several manufacturers:
  Tools for arch frame and a saw blade saws, general and applicable to cut off below dn200mm pipes; hacksaw blade according to each 25mm length of tooth number for three specifications of coarse teeth, teeth, small teeth, sawing requirements with three teeth in cutting, otherwise easily lost card serrate. The crane manufacturers remind operation personnel, when cutting thickness should be based on reasonable selection of saw blade.
  2. Saw before cutting along the perpendicular to the direction to the center line of the pipe, the first panels mark the train crane tube to cut the thread; model length pi * (D-2), width 50 to 100mm, crossed the one side of the sample alignment under material size, and the model is tightly wrapped tube, stylus or gypsum pen along the side surface of the model around the stainless steel tube drawing a circle.
  Saw kerf offset tube. Cutting the pipe clamping the pipe vise (also known as tube clamp pressure), saw cutting process to always keep the blade and the center line of the vertical, if it is found that the kerf skew, the saw bow in the opposite direction until the recovery of the original line after Fuzheng saw bow to saw cutting, sawing large tube may be appropriate to mouth drops into the oil to reduce friction; it's going to sawing, sawing speed to slow down, efforts should be small, must be used to saw off the way and not left with broken instead of sawing and cutting, so as not to train crane pipe deformation and the influence of screw thread sets and installation quality.
  Crane tube manufacturers once again remind the operator and manual cutting train crane tube must always keep the saw blade and the vertical line, so as to ensure its quality. Hope the above introduction to help you, more exciting information, please click on the site!
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