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Using inner floating disc should know these main points
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  Lianyungang Saiweite fluid equipment Co., Ltd. inner floating disc can be suitable for various sizes of docking tank and lap tank, it itself does not pollute the oil or chemicals, reduce liquid volatilization loss, prevent air pollution, is an ideal inner floating disc. However, in order to better use the inner floating disc, as far as possible to extend its service life, floating plate manufacturers to remind the user, in the operation process should pay attention to the following:
  (1) automatic vent valve can not normally open. One is the floating disc normal down to close to the bottom of the tank 730mm when the stem touches the tank will automatically open; two is a large oil pressure. In these two cases, the automatic vent valve can be opened. In peacetime use should be prescribed oil tank is the lowest level, the floating disc height slightly higher than 730mm, does not let the automatic vent valve open, so as to avoid loss.
  (2) the tank bottom water cushion is not too high. Tank bottom water cushion can not be higher than the amount of oil duct entrance, oil water cushion is usually 8 ~ 12cm is appropriate. The oil guiding pipe and the top of the tank should be provided with fire vent, so that the pressure of the compressed air in the pipe can be avoided, and the negative pressure can be formed when the liquid level drops.
  (3) to prevent the loosening and winding of the static electricity. The partial loosening of the electrostatic discharge device can form the condition of the tip discharge, which increases the risk of the electrostatic discharge. Anti-static derived device head is connected with a floating disc, the floating plate is often or horizontal floating, which may be caused by static electricity exporting device local looseness; in the floating disc floating up and down Co, wire and other department may also produce the winding phenomenon, and pulled off. Therefore, it should be regularly check whether the ESD device is in good working condition. In addition, we should also pay attention to the use of wire, the use of a certain period of time should be replaced in a timely manner.
  (4) cleaning the tank regularly. The upper part of the inner floating disc is actually a long time in a certain concentration of oil vapor, all kinds of parts are easy to be corroded, such as long-term maintenance, many parts are likely to completely rust, affect the performance of the work. Because the inner floating roof tank is more than one inner floating disc, the overhaul period should be shorter.
  The above is the use of internal floating disc need to pay attention to the operation of the main points, hoping to help you correctly use the inner floating disc device, a more smooth flow of the storage and transportation of the fluid medium. Fluid equipment Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Seiwert closely tracking domestic outside the fluid storage new trends, new technologies, will continue to strengthen the development of new products, new technology application, in on the basis of traditional products continue to develop the a series of new products to meet the special medium. We sincerely welcome new and old customers and friends to visit the company's guidance and business negotiations, detailed information, please consult 0518-81183331, look forward to working with you to work together!
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