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What are the steps to the correct installation of crane tube
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  The crane is a special equipment for fluid handling process in petrochemical industry, also known as fluid handling arm, pipe conveying medium such as oil, water, etc.. Telescopic mobile crane tube, replace old-fashioned hose connection, with the characteristics of high security, flexibility and long service life etc.. But the premise is properly installed. So, what are the steps to install the crane? What can be done to correct the installation, to ensure the normal use of the crane tube? The following messages will be useful.
  1, oil station and the crane tube junction with the corresponding standard flange, flange and foundation to ensure the reliable. The flange height from the ground 2.1 to 2.2 meters, when the flip crane tube flange height from the ground 2.7 to 2.8 meters.
  2, crane tube factory products manufacturers have been tightness test, the user only when the installation diagram of the reference structure, the first level and Taiwan based on the oil tube flange, and connected with the lifting arm horizontal tube group, the final installation of connecting rod balancer balancer.
  3, after the completion of the assembly, the balancer adjustment, the lifting arm up to more than about 60 DEG unscrew the adjustment screw so that the tail cover balancer, crane tube in -15 degrees to 60 degrees within the range can be stopped.
  4, crane manufacturers warn that the installation process, each flange must be light clean, a seal groove must use butter will O ring installed after the connection.
  5, in each rotation of the pin and the spring balancer installed before use must be coated with lubricating oil.
  6, the installation of ninth clinostat items should pay attention to the horn angle, angle is not correct to re adjust.
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