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Floating disc installation notes
Author:LYGSVT  Update time:2016-03-25
  The floating plate is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection equipment which is covered on the surface of the liquid surface by the buoyancy of the liquid level of the storage tank. By installing the floating disc seal storage medium, reducing the temperature of the medium, reducing the volatile medium in the storage tank, to save energy and protect the environment. Do you know how the floating plate is installed in the tank?
  1 conditions must use electricity fire, by the user units, to commence.
  2 requires the use of units of the tank (tank cleaning and old). The method is as follows: with alkali solution soaking for a week, then put the net alkali solution to remove sediment and rust, and then rinse clean.
  3 by the user will be clean and open all tank manhole cover lighting, ventilation inside the tank with explosion-proof fan, achieve the construction conditions.
  4 the use of electrical installation should meet the explosion-proof requirements, there must be protection measures for electric safety, personnel are not allowed to enter the tank to wear shoes with nails.
   5 units of oil and gas concentration detection of cleaning tank, this step is very necessary, under the condition of entering the construction to ensure the safety of the.
  6. Check the tank wall verticality and the allowable value < 5 per 1000, smoothness allows difference < 30 per 1000, tank diameter ovality, allowable error < 30 mm and specific measurement method are as follows:
  A. the tank wall circumference is divided into 6 equal parts.
  B. with the corresponding point measuring ruler.
  C. theodolite measurement point of the tank wall and the bottom of the tank verticality and smoothness.The 7 tank wall should be smooth, without burr, flash and protrusion exist.
  8 check the amount of oil, perpendicularity tolerance is less than 3 per thousand.
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