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Marine Loading Arm (MLA)
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Marine Loading Arm (MLA)
Marine Loading Arm
A Marine Loading Arm is an articulated pipe system for the transfers of liquids or gases. This may be operated manually or hydraulically.
A marine loading arm comprises several components namely: base riser, inboard arm, outboard arm, balancing assembly, supporting structure, and operating system.
The articulation is assured by swivel arrangements.These arrangements (or styles) allow for complete movement in all planes.

We design and manufacture a wide range of Marine Loading Arms to load and unload almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers.

AM63— Single Pipe Marine Loading Arm with Branched Support Structure

AM64— Double Pipe Marine Loading Arm with Branched Support Structure
Product Paramenters
Product Name
 Marine Loading Arm
Service Product
Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, and all kinds of liquid
Nominal Diameter
DN200 ~ DN600 (8" to 24")
Design Pressure
-0.08 Mpa ~ +2.5 MPa
Design Temperature
-196°C~ +250°C
Pipe material
Carbon steel, stainless steel, low-temperature steel, line with PTFE
Operation method
Manual operated, hydaulic operated
Optional Equipment
Position Monintor system (PMS), Hydraulic power unitis (HPU), Quick Connect/Disconnect Coupler (QC/DC), Unit Control Panel (PLC),  Emergency Release System (ERS), etc


The design of the marine loading arm / Land loading arm varies from client’s requirements and environment. So the user need to fill the “design datasheet”, which include: terminal tidal range, ship's tonnage, liquid handled, pipeline size, pressure rating,
environmental parameters (the wind load, temperature, earthquake loads), etc.
Unless otherwise required by user, the design environment parameters of LYGSVT marine loading arm are as follows:
• Design wind speed: static (stowed) state: ≤55M/S
• Design wind speed: ≤ 16 M/S
• Earthquake resistance coefficient: 0.3 G
The total length of this marine loading arm can reach 30 M
Vessel Tonnage: 50000 tons
Operating Mode: Manually or Electro-hydraulically operated