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internal floating roof manufacturer
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The internal floating roof manufacturer has certain technical specification points during lifting speed and acceptance. Then, what are the technical points we don't know? Let's look together!

The buoyancy element of the internal floating roof shall meet the air tightness requirements, and the buoyancy element itself and the connection structure between the buoyancy element and other parts shall be able to withstand the vapor-liquid impact generated during liquid inlet. The peripheral edge plate of the inner floating roof, the floating roof pillar and all opening nozzles on the floating roof shall be at least 150mm higher than the liquid level, and the depth of immersion into the liquid storage shall not be less than 100mm.

In order to meet the requirements of double sealing of the inner floating roof, the inner floating roof adopts frame structure, and the edge of the floating roof is provided with double edge structure. The buoyancy of the pontoon between the two edges shall meet the static load of the double seal under static state and the dynamic friction force during operation. The design buoyancy of the inner floating roof shall not be less than the sum of two times of its self weight and the friction between the seal and the tank wall.

All metal parts on the inner floating roof shall be electrically connected with each other and connected with the external grounding parts of the tank through the tank wall; When the strut and guide device pass through the floating plate, a reliable sealing device shall be added.

The inner floating roof shall be provided with a fixed floating plate strut. Within 300mm around the lower surface of the welded inner floating roof strut, continuous fillet welding shall be adopted. A tongue sealing device shall be set at the annular gap between the outer edge of the inner floating roof and the tank wall. Automatic vent valve shall be installed on the floating plate, and its quantity and circulation area shall be determined according to the flow during receiving and sending oil.

The opening height of the automatic vent valve bonnet shall make the flow area between the bonnet and the valve body greater than the flow area provided by the valve body diameter, and the inner floating roof shall be equipped with a guiding device; The service life of all parts of the inner floating plate including seals shall not be less than 10 years. The material, specification and quantity of floating roof connectors shall meet the requirements of the standard, and the specification, material and quantity shall not be reduced.

As for the internal floating roof oil tank, because the low temperature may freeze at the outlet of the drainage pipe, thermal insulation or heat tracing shall be adopted at the outlet, and the accumulated water in the drainage pipe shall be drained before cooling.

Under normal conditions, the drain valve shall be closed before the tank outlet is opened; When the drain pipe is kept open under the normal operation of the oil tank, it should be checked frequently to avoid oil leakage. The primary intention of the restriction of nozzle velocity in the standard rules is also to ensure that the floating plate is not damaged.

Through the comprehensive of the floating plate manufacturer's requirements for lifting speed and acceptance points, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this. If you have more technology you want to know, you can contact the manufacturer at any time to serve you one by one.