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Access Gangway Tower
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Access Gangway Tower

Access Gangway Tower

Gangway Tower is a device for operators of working at site and crews to pass though board and and off-board safely in the process of oil tanker’s berthing at large modern harbor, which is instead of traditional boarding device.

During the decelopment of the oil tanker harbor, the modern dock for heavy oil tanker entering especially the dock sets up with isolated mound, its surface aren’t continuous and its elevation is higher than nomal one. The oil tanker has serious jounce, floating in higher frequency and its range is very big when the oil tank is moored. The problem is hard to solve by the tanker’s own ladder because of the distance between oil tanker and the edge of the dock. To speed up the loading and unloading process and to ensure the safety of the operaters and crews, it is natural for the modern large oil tanker to replace own ladder with our Gangway Tower. Just like Loading Arm, Gangway Tower becomes irreplaceable advanced equipment being used in tanker dock area.

Although having simple function, Gangway Tower needs good technological performance considering its surrounding circumstance. I order to suit the queasy condition and some unexpected things between ship and dock, the harbor’s hydrology and meteorology and a lot of detail information relevant about berthing ships should be analyzed carefully, to decide its suitable working conditions and choose correct construction and reliable safeguard. After that, it can achieve our expectations.
There are several models of Gangway Towers manufactured by our company.
The Gangway Tower consists of a standing column, hanging ladder and relevant auxiliary structure, elevator mechanism, slewing mechanism and front ladder adjusting machanism.

Mechanical or hydraulic driven system is usually used as driven system for Gangway Tower. Many kinds of safe protector can be set according to client’s requirement in order to ensure the normal work if transmission mechnism. Explosive-proof electric-device can also be used base on the flash point of the oil.

 Main features

◆ Aluminum alloy hanging ladder, alterable steps mechanism

◆ Hydraulic control luffing and rotating system

◆ Wireless remote control

◆ Various kinds of models to satisfy with site conditon

 Selection guide for Gangway Tower

The selection of Gangway Tower is mainly according to dock tonnage, tidal caviation, jetty surface situation, cost performance, etc. Users must fill in the parameters form and submit to manufacturer for determining the envelope scope base on the dimension and load data of Gangway Tower.

SWT-E1 consists of main ladder, triangle ladder, frame. It is applicable to 3000-30000 DWT jetty.

SWT-E2 consists of main ladder, front ladder, triangle ladder, rotating platform and stand column. It is applicable to 5000-50000 DWT jetty.

SWT-E3 consists of main ladder, front ladder, triangle ladder, rotating platform, hauling mechanism and stand column. It is applicable to 10000-80000 DWT jetty.

SWT-E4 consists of main ladder, front ladder, triangle ladder, rotating platform, lifting mechanism and tower frame. It is applicable to 20000-300000 DWT jetty.

  Design parameters of Gangway Tower    




Design ship type

max T/min T

Dock elevation


Design / extreme hign water level


Design / extreme low water level


Distance between edge of jetty and center of Gangway Tower


Thickness of dock fender


Distance between datun surface of tower bottom base and dock surface


Site power

380v 50Hz 3 phases 5 lines

Explosive-proof grade

Control mode

Maximum design wind speed