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Top Skid Loading Arm
    发布时间: 2022-05-12 16:04    
Top Skid Loading Arm

Skid Loading Arm with Metering System

Skid loading arms (Terminal skids) are used for the transfer of high value products from storage to trucks, rail cars, ships and barges. The transfer of crude oil, bunker fuels, refined fuels, ethanol, biodiesel, LPG, asphalt, diesel exhaust fluid, fertilisers and a wide variety of chemicals and foodstuffs generally involves the safe transfer of the product through a bulk flow meter for accurate measurement.

Fuel terminals & refineries require loading systems that are well engineered, well built, & reliable. Our loading skids are designed as an individually tailored solution for clients requirements. We have worked for many oil companies providing loading skids & other tailored loading solutions for petroleum tanker loading. Our skids are fully integrated loading systems, including loading arms,  flowmeters, pressure gauge, temperature transmitter, flow control valve, pneumatic shut-off valve, relief valve, ball valves, batch controller, & all the relevant safety systems, all mounted onto a robust & corrosion-resistant steel frame.


* Explosion-proof design for enclosure of the controller and instruments to ensure safety and reliability.
* Large screen displays the whole process flow of batch controller, convenient and visual to monitor the loading process,  Manual mode and IC card mode are both available.
* Detail operation instruction being indicated during opetation.
* The flow rate can be controlled dynarnically through flow control valve in the whole process to achieve optimal flow
rate. the filling process can be automatically finished by controlling the electromagnetic valves of liquid, vapor return
and liquid collection pipeline.

* The alarm systerm can monitor the anti-static detection switch and position switch and etc, accoring to the requisition.