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Loading arms Introduction
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Our land loading arm is especially designed for transporting fluid between piping system and tanker, which shall be designed for different tanker, liquids and site conditions. Equipped with loading platform, folding stairs and safety cage to make the land loading arm into a complete loading system.

Optional accessories:

metering system, Skid, Submersible pump,Vacuum breaker, Heating system/Insulation, Level switch, Break away Coupling, Dry break, Drip bucket


* Simple structure, widely used, and easy operation.
* Advanced design of Swivel Joint makes easier replacement of sealing ring and great performance to prevent  leaking.
* Spring cylinder makes the loading arm's movement smoothly and easier to adjust.
* Accessories include: Ball Valve, Breakaway Coupler, Purge Line / Drain Line, Position Indicators to allow
  process control, Overfill Probe, Pressure Gauge.
Product Paramenters
Product Name
Petroleum & Chemicals Top  Loading Arm
Service Product
Chemicals, Oil and other products
Nominal Diameter
DN50~ DN150  (2" to 6")
Vapor Return Line Diameter(If required)
DN50, DN80 (2", 3")
Design Pressure
-0.08 Mpa ~ +2.5 MPa
Design Temperature
-196°C~ +110°C
Pipe material
Carbon steel, stainless steel, low-temperature steel, line with PTFE
Spring Cylinder Balancing
Detailed Images